Peggy's Cove

Do you have a favourite place you like to travel to?

Mine is Peggy's Point Lighthouse in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. I fell in love with this tourist attraction because of the history of the building, the sights, and the smell of the ocean. The lighthouse stands to mark the point at the east entrance to St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada.

My inner tour guide aside,
this painting is 36" x 30"

Oil on canvas

Just a little more detail to go and she will be finished!

After a limited print run she will be up for sale.

Farm and out buildings

I've lived a few places, but the country always appeals to me. This painting was inspired by the view out my bedroom window that I took a photo of it on a cold winter day. It was my second attempt at a watercolour and I am very proud of it. It is now in a private collection so I only have prints available. Dimensions and pricing to come!

Mischievious Chardon

This cat's name is the French word for thistle. He definitely bristled at anyone who tried to pick him up. This watercolour is from a photo as no cat will stay still long enough to pose for an artist. He was investigating my backpack as something smelled to his liking the day the photo was taken. This painting is in a private collection.

1st Caricature Attempt of myself

I can remember watching an artist in the downtown core doing caricatures of people and knew I could do them. However, when one tries on oneself and not knowing the 'highlights' of facial features, this first one came out very weird. My next attempt I faired better as you can see below.

Caricature Final

And this was the end result of my second attempt. Since I have high cheek bones, it was obvious to exaggerate them in my caricature of myself.

Eye In The Sky

The very day I finished this watercolour was the day I gave it that title. Even in the photograph I had taken I could see an eye in the sky!

More to come as I dig them out and scan them in!

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