The time of year where the leaves change color and make a wonderful blanket on the ground on all the paths I walk!

A good portion of the summer has been mostly viewed through my camera lens and LCD screen. It ended up that most of the time I would use my little digital camera because I couldn't afford the film for my other camera. I really prefer my SLR film camera though... Many reasons come to mind. Mainly, whenever I want to focus on a scene my digital camera is set for the center spot in the composition, but when I change it to use the Auto setting it picks the spot! Most annoying!!!!!

I can't wait to have enough to buy a really nice professional digital SLR camera... can't wait...

Anyways, I've been slowly working on the two watercolors I had posted images of earlier. I'll get around to taking pictures of them soon...

I finally put brush to canvas recently on my first large oil painting in years! I am so excited. It's been a summer of taking pictures to compose the image for this painting and I'm just beside myself somedays!

Ok, off for yet another of my walks and then back to work on paintings!

Have a great day, rain or shine!

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