Hi All! Yes, it's that time of year again as the sun rounds the Earth. It's been a time of clearing clutter so I can set up my easel to finish off one of my large paintings. And yes, it's my Peggy's Cove one. 

I still am a perfectionist and I'm trying to recreate the one I had sold years ago. So, this one needs a bit more green in my eyes.

I've been working on this painting in spurts, and bits of time when I could, or when the mood struck me to paint. An artist's life such as mine has been such a rollercoaster that the waves on the water in this painting aren't high enough to accommodate the feeling! *laughs*

So, while I get back into a groove of sorts I'll leave these words from my idol: 

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successfull personality and duplicate it.”
― Bruce Lee

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